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Copy of a Record

We encourage you to visit the Official Online Records Public Search Site as the first step in your records search to obtain the information necessary.  Anyone may log on directly to our website to search thousands of Erie County records by choosing the Advanced Search option in our Public Search Site.  Instructions and information, as well as a list of the document names, are available at the “Log In” screen. When searching online, you will not be able to view the actual images, but may obtain significant information about the document by pressing F2.  There is a fee charged for copies if requested.  If you need to view images online, please see how to become a registered user.

Note: The Clerk's Office does not index, nor allow searches, by address.  If you need a copy of a deed but are unsure of the owner's name you can use the Real Property Parcel Search to search by address. When search results return, you can click “details” to obtain the Deed Book and Deed Page number from their site.

Creation date: 6/15/2022 9:00 AM      Updated: 7/7/2022 10:46 AM
To request a copy of a record(s), please use our online request formClick Here to place a request now