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How to Change or Discontinue a Business

Amendment of an Assumed Name Certificate

A Certificate can be amended by filing an original signed and notarized Amendment of an Assumed Name Certificate with the County Clerk's Office.

Generally, Amendments may be filed to change the business name, the business address, the filer's name, the filer's address, or to add or remove partners. The nature of the change should be clearly defined or identified on the form.  

Amendments require a reference to the original or the most recent business filing. The counter in the Basement Record Room of the Clerk’s Office can assist with identifying this reference. Some information may also be found by using this search engine:


The filing fee for an Amendment is $35.00, which includes two certified copies.

Discontinuance of Assumed Name

The use of an assumed name can be discontinued when the individual and/or partners cease to conduct business or wish to discontinue use of the assumed name.

 Like Amendments, the Discontinuance of Business (Sole Proprietor or Partnership) requires a reference to the original filing and amendments. 

There is no charge for filing a Discontinuance of Assumed Name.

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