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What are New York State Insurance requirements?

To register a vehicle in New York State you must have New York State issued automobile liability insurance coverage.  If you do not maintain the coverage, the DMV can suspend your vehicle registration and your driver license. 

Proof of financial security is required to be maintained continuously throughout the registration period of your vehicle. If you do not keep your New York State insurance in force during the entire registration period, your registration will be subject to suspension. If your vehicle is still uninsured after 90 days, your driver license will too be suspended. 

To avoid these penalties you must surrender your license plates before you cancel your insurance or your policy expires. By law your insurance carrier is required to report specific termination information to the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. 

If you have a lapse in insurance coverage of 90 days or less, the law permits you to avoid suspension of registration by the payment of a civil penalty for each day or any portion thereof up to 90 days for which your insurance was not in effect. This civil penalty option ONLY applies once during a 36-month period. 

The civil penalties are: 

-         1 to 30 day lapse: $8 per each day of lapse

-         31 to 60 day lapse: $240 plus $10 per days 31-60

-          61-90 day lapse: $540 plus $12 per day for days 61-90.

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