Helpdesk Email Settings

Adjust the settings and click "save changes" button.

Incoming Email handler settings

The incoming mail handler periodically checks given mailboxes every 1-5 minutes and generates tickets from incoming emails. The emails are then removed from the mailserver.

The incoming email module works like this:


Outgoing email settings

Email templates

Email Template - these are the emails sent to users (and "technicians") when something happens in the app. Like someone replies to a ticket, or a new ticket arrives. Here's where you edit those emails.

You can use rich formatting (bold, italic, coloring, font-size etc), also click the "</>" button to switch to "code" view.

NOTE: you can leave a template empty to skip email notification for that particular event.

Possible substitution-masks are:

For the "welcome email" you can use these masks:

Email-templates support limited html

Email API

You can send instructions to the help desk by including specific text in your email subject.

SPF-records (hosted version only)

If you're on our hosted version, and you're using "Jitbit's SMTP server", and customers report that helpdesk emails are being detected as "spam" - you might want to add an SPF record to your DNS to prevent false-positive spam detection for outgoing emails. Add the following TXT record to your DNS server: IN TXT "v=spf1 ~all"

Where "" should be replaced by your domain, that is being used in the "from" address

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